Empowering Bitcoin Trading and Communication: The P2P Solution

The application provides a versatile platform that allows users to communicate and engage in Bitcoin trading seamlessly. By integrating messenger, wallet, and marketplace features, it caters to the needs of users, especially in the Global South.

Joining the Community

To join the P2P network, simply download the application on your Android or iOS device and register by providing an email address and creating a password. Once you receive a verification code, you can set up your unique username to complete the registration.

While registering, users agree to the terms of privacy, which some may consider intrusive. The platform collects and shares various data with third-party service providers to help prevent fraud and enhance security.

How to use this app?

Utilizing for trading involves a straightforward process. To begin, users must undergo verification, as the platform requires KYC compliance. With Level 1 phone verification, users can trade up to $700 worth of bitcoin daily, with lifetime trade and send limits set at $10,000. By advancing to Level 2 email verification, these limits increase to $50,000.

Through the Partner Program, users can earn commissions from friends’ trading activities, offering incentives for community growth.

In December 2024, introduced a new feature allowing mobile top-up, enabling users to send airtime and mobile data directly from their wallets to friends and relatives in supported countries.

Verifying Your Account

Account verification involves confirming your email address, phone number, and identity. After creating an account, users receive a verification email to confirm their email address. Phone number verification is achieved by entering and confirming a code received via SMS or phone call. Finally, identity verification requires uploading a clear photo of an ID document.

Selling Bitcoin

The platform facilitates messaging between users and enables bitcoin trading at user-defined prices using preferred payment methods. It also provides a secure custodial wallet for storing bitcoin, with the option to transfer funds to external wallets for a small fee.

During trades, the escrow system ensures the security of funds. Sellers’ bitcoins are transferred to a temporary escrow account upon trade initiation, with release contingent upon payment confirmation. In cases of dispute, moderators intervene to resolve issues fairly.

To sell bitcoinon , users can browse available offers based on preferred payment methods and currencies. Conversely, creating buy offers involves selecting payment methods, currencies, and pricing preferences.

Trading Gift Cards offers the opportunity to trade gift cards for buy Bitcoininstatly, covering popular brands such as VISA, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Walmart. Sellers can specify the details of their cards, prices, and preferred payment methods, while the escrow system ensures security and fairness during transactions.

Conclusion and Supported Countries

In conclusion, it facilitates seamless bitcoin trading and communication within its user-friendly platform. While available globally, the platform restricts access from certain countries, including Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, USA, and UAE.

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